Physician Resources on Marijuana

Cannabis Use Disorder Screening
The Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test

General Information
Marijuana: What We Know
Cannabis Information for Providers
Brief Review of Human Studies Regarding Increased Risk of Harm with Cannabis Use
Marijuana (cannabis): Good or bad?
Cannabis (Marijuana) DrugFacts
Cannabis (Marijuana) Concentrates DrugFacts
NIDA Research on Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Health Effects of Use
Health Effects of Marijuana
What Are Marijuana Effects on Lung Health?
What Are Marijuana's Long-Term Effects on the Brain?
What Are Marijuana’s Effects on Other Aspects of Physical Health?
Harvard Health Blog: Marijuana
Medical Marijuana, Recreational Cannabis, and Cardiovascular Health (AHA)

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
The use of marijuana during pregnancy or while breastfeeding can be harmful to the child’s health. There is no known safe amount of marijuana use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Marijuana Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Guidance
Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women and Cannabis
Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Lactation
Marijuana Health Effects on Pregnancy
Marijuana Fact Sheet Pregnancy
ACOG Women’s Health FAQs Marijuana and Pregnancy
Marijuana and Your Baby

Marijuana and Child/Youth
Pediatric Exposure Prevention Clinical Guidance for Discussions with Parents or Guardians of Children and Adolescents Ages 0-20
Pediatric Exposure Prevention Clinical Guidance for Discussions with Parents or Guardians of Children and Adolescents Ages 9-2
Marijuana Can’t. You Can (Resource for Teens)
FDA Warns of Accidental THC Product Ingestion by Children

Medical Marijuana
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Physician Information
Marijuana Dosing Information, Minnesota Department of Health
Cosmos Magazine How Cannabis Works

Medication and Interactions
Drug Interaction Table
Cannabis Use Could Cause Harmful Drug Reactions
Adverse Effects and Drug Interactions with Cannabis
Cannabidiol drug interaction considerations for prescribers and pharmacists

Mental Health
Is There a Link Between Marijuana Use and Psychiatric Disorders?

Pediatric and Adult Marijuana Exposures Reported to the Oklahoma Poison Center
Marijuana Health Report from Colorado Poison Control Center

Talking with Your Patients
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Recent News
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New US Law to Increase Marijuana Research
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