Prevention in practice, including patient education is a critical step in helping patients improve their long-term health through lifestyle changes. Established in 1999 by Robert Weedn, M.D., the Oklahoma State Medical Association’s (OSMA) Physicians’ Campaign for a Healthier Oklahoma (PCHO) connects Oklahoma’s physicians with essential tools to help their patients build healthier habits for themselves and their families. If you have an interest in public health or would like to get involved with the PCHO please contact Melissa Johnson.

PCHO Vision Statement:
“To improve the State of the State’s Health by changing lifestyles and behaviors within our communities.”

PCHO Mission Statement:

“PCHO exists to help physicians to maximize their ability to improve the health of Oklahomans with emphasis on:
  • Prevention (primary and secondary)
  • Education (patients, public, physicians)
  • Coalition building
  • Community Initiatives"

PCHO Goals:

  1. Inform the public and policymakers of the health status of Oklahomans in the State of the State’s Health Reports.
  2. Create an educational component and campaign to assist doctors in promoting prevention.
  3. Build partnerships.
  4. Identify local PCHO leaders and champions.
  5. Champion one issue that is manageable.
  6. Priorities take place at three levels: Physician offices/Practices, Community wide, Statewide 

Click here to learn more about the past and present activities of the PCHO.