Rural Physician Wellness Program

A professional counselor can help you cope and regain your natural resilience. The important thing to remember is that there is always a solution. 

The Physician Wellness Program (PWP) can help you address any problems or concerns you may be experiencing. You do not need to be in crisis, but the access to program psychologists are here if you need them. 

  • Confidential counseling by psychologists experienced in counseling physicians.
  • Free limited sessions to all physician members.
  • Locations available throughout the state of Oklahoma.
  • Appointment hours are flexible with physician's schedule in mind. Urgent appointments are available.
  • No diagnosis is made; no insurance is billed; no electronic records created.
  • No information is disclosed to others without the physician's written consent.

Take the next step!

To learn more or schedule an appointment at a convenient location, 
please call Dr. Paul Tobin with the Physician Wellness Program at 

during regular business hours. 
An answering service is available for after hours calls.

Paul Tobin, Ph.D., is an Oklahoma licensed health services psychologist with over forty years of experience. It is his goal to support physicians in their efforts to achieve balance in the workplace and personal life.