Statewide Medical Groups Team Up with Telligen Community Initiative to Provide Free, Confidential Counseling to Oklahoma Physicians

Being a physician is tough even under the best of circumstances. The statistics on physician burnout and suicide are startling. In fact, according a survey released in this January by Medscape, 42 percent physicians indicated they feel burned out, and research reveals that physician’s rate of suicide are two-times greater than those of any other profession. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic’s additional stressors of economic instability, community shutdowns and the difficulties of treating patients in a rapidly-changing medical environment, physicians are at greater risk of burnout and other psychological concerns than ever before.  
To help physicians navigate this challenging time, the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA) Foundation, Oklahoma County Medical Society, Tulsa County Medical Society, OSMA Rural Physician Section and the Telligen Community Initiative are partnering on a groundbreaking statewide physician wellness program that will offer free psychological counseling to any M.D. or D.O. in Oklahoma.
The new program provides Oklahoma M.D. and D.O. physicians with up to eight, confidential one-hour counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist who is part of the program’s network. The program is available to eligible physicians from throughout the state, regardless of membership in the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA), thanks to a generous grant from the Telligen Community Initiative and support from the OSMA Foundation.
The program is currently only available for licensed M.D.s and D.O.s in the state of Oklahoma. Members of the Tulsa County Medical Society may schedule counseling sessions by calling 918-749-6935. All other member and nonmember physicians may begin by calling 405-340-4321.