Oklahoma’s Health Care Leaders Urge Gov. Stitt to “Get Ahead of the Curve” by Issuing a Shelter in Place Order

Oklahoma City (March 24, 2020) -- In a letter sent to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt last night, 18 health care organizations called on the governor to address the growing danger of COVID-19 infection by issuing a shelter-in-place order immediately. The letter, written by organizations representing the state’s doctors, nurses, hospitals, dentists, dental hygienists, long-term care providers and senior community living centers applauded the administration’s efforts so far, it stated “current efforts are insufficient to combat a pandemic of this magnitude,” and pointed to 15 states and numerous localities that have recently adopted the stronger shelter-in-place measures to prevent widespread infection.

Among the states to recently adopt a shelter-in-place policy is Louisiana, which has experienced a rapid growth in the number of COVID-19 cases in the last week – skyrocketing from one case on March 9 to 1,172 positive cases just two weeks later. 

The letter continues, “If we want to flatten the curve, we must get ahead of the curve... The decisions you make in the coming days will have far-reaching impacts on the duration and severity of this crisis. Your office can exhibit decisive leadership now to not only mitigate the effects of current infection but to truly prevent the spread of this disease.”

Today’s new executive order reflects some positive steps, but the groups represented in this letter believe more can and must be done to protect the health of all Oklahomans.