OSMA Joins Lawsuit Opposing Legislation Banning School Mask/Vaccination Requirements

As schools across the state return to in-person learning, SB 658 passed this legislative session and signed into law prohibits public school districts, career techs and institutions of higher learning from requiring vaccinations or mask wearing unless a state of emergency is declared by the Governor. All indications are that Governor Stitt is not anticipated to make such a declaration. In order to promote public health as well as embrace our mission of “Better Health for Oklahoma”, the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA) joined four parents of public-school aged children (one being Britney Else, DO, OSMA Former Alternate Board Member) in a petition to declare SB 658 unconstitutional. Among other things, the statute is a violation of equal protection under the law by treating students and staff members of private and public schools differently. This litigation is scheduled for a hearing in Oklahoma County District Court on Wednesday, August 25.