OSDH New Rule Removes Vaccine Education Requirement

Interim State Department of Health Col. Lance Frye, MD, last Friday submitted an emergency rule removing the new vaccination education requirement stating there’s a statutory conflict with current statute. Current law requires: “A written statement by the parent, guardian or legal custodian of the child objecting to immunization of the child; whereupon the child shall be exempt from the immunization laws of this state.” The new rules simply provide that those wishing to receive an immunization exemption for their child would receive educational information regarding their effectiveness. The Commissioner states this “conflict” needs to be addressed through the OSDH permanent rule making process. 
The deleted vaccination rules were submitted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health under the guidance of Gov. Stitt’s administration, vetted to the full extent of the law through public comment and presented by the Legislature to the governor who signed them into law. OSMA remains dedicated to promoting public health and is currently evaluating the situation.