OMPAC Announces Runoff Endorsements

The Oklahoma Medical Political Action Committee (OMPAC) has released their list of endorsed candidates for the 2022 PRIMARY RUNOFF election scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd. Each of the candidates listed are selected based upon their support of Oklahoma’s physician community and issues that matter to you. Incumbents are rated on their past voting record and work in support of OSMA issues while new candidates receive a survey regarding their stance on issues affecting medicine. OMPAC's Board met to review and determine the following endorsed candidates:

  • Senate District 2:            Ally Seifried
  • Senate District 26:          Sen. Darcy Jech
  • House District 31:           Collin Duel
  • House District 36:           John George
  • House District 66:           Gabe Renfro
  • OK County D.A.:              Gayland Gieger
  • OK Labor Comm:            Commissioner Leslie Osborn

To learn more about our advocacy and become an OMPAC investor, visit Please remember to VOTE on August 23rd!!!

For more information, please contact Matt Robison at 405.601.9571