Nov. 18, 2022

A Letter from OSMA President David Holden, MD:
In recent years, an astounding number of anti-science bills were filed at the state capitol. These bills, including the 90 introduced this year alone, sought to chip away at the public health protections so many of us take for granted. While, thankfully, few of these bills became law, the extreme rhetoric has put far too many health care professionals and vulnerable Oklahomans at risk.
In the 2022 legislative session alone, more than 90 anti-public health measures were proposed, mostly by a small handful of lawmakers and none with the backing of trusted doctors or other medical professionals.
From its inception, the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA) has been engaged in the legislative process, and we have supported many medicine-friendly legislative candidates, both Republican and Democrats, through our political efforts. 
This year, however, we took the extraordinary step of devoting even more time and resources to boosting pro-science candidates at all levels of government while working to defeat candidates who supported laws based on fear and misinformation. These decisions were not made lightly, but we feel it was necessary to take a stand for the health of all Oklahomans. 
Our members hold a wide range of political beliefs, but one thing that binds us all together is our dedication to our profession and ensuring better health for all Oklahomans. This was the impetus for our support of pro-science, medicine-friendly candidates, and the foundation for our ongoing advocacy efforts at the State Capitol.
During this election season, the OSMA helped pro-science candidates win 51 out of 55 races, but our work is far from over. We are grateful to each of you for your membership and look forward to working together in the upcoming legislative session to build on the momentum we have built. 

David Holden, MD
Oklahoma State Medical Association