2023 Call For Nominations

The OSMA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for the following positions. If you are interested in being nominated for any of the positions, please contact Donna Bartlett at the OSMA at 405.601.9571, Ext. 107 or email at Bartlett@okmed.orgNominations from the AMA Delegation must be received by February 15th to be certified by the OSMA Nominating Committee and published in accordance with the OSMA Bylaws. All other positions will main open for nominations.


2023 Open Positions

OSMA President-Elect (One-year term)

OSMA Vice-President (One-year term)

Secretary/Treasurer (Two-year term)



OSMA Health Board – Three open positions (Three-year term)

AMA Delegates – Two open positions* (Two-year term)

AMA Alternate Delegates – Two open positions (Two-year term)

*OSMA bylaws require that nominees for the AMA Delegate’s position must have served as an AMA Alternate Delegate or OSMA officer.


Board of Trustees and Alternates 2023-2024

District I – 
Cimarron, Texas, Beaver, Harper, Woods, Alfalfa, Grant,Kay, Ellis, Woodward, Major, Garfield, Kingfisher & Logan Counties

Trustee:         Alternate: 
Vacancy – (2026)   Vacancy - (2026)

District III - Tulsa

Trustees:        Alternates:
Vacancy – (2026)   Vacancy – (2026)
Vacancy – (2024)   John Hubner, MD – (2024)
Sharon Smallwood, MD - Tulsa (2024)   Vacancy – (2024)

District V - 
Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw, Coal, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, McCurtain, Pittsburg, Pushmataha, Pontotoc, Murray & Johnson Counties

Trustee:         Alternate: 
Bruce Dennis, MD - Ada (2024)   Vacancy - (2024)

District VI - 

Trustee:        Alternate: 
Vacancy – (2026)   Vacancy - (2026)

Rural Trustee/Alternate At Large:

Trustee:         Alternate: 
Vacancy – (2026)   Vacancy - (2026)