Thank you for choosing to renew your 2020 dues. Please call 405.212.2776 or mail in your dues check to the OSMA at 313 Northeast 50th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

We hope you are as proud to call us your association as we are to call you our member. 

As a result of our 2019 successes, we’ve been able to keep your state dues at $300. However, we need to continue our strong membership numbers as the year will be met again with many challenges for physicians at the Legislature, including:

  • Legal Reform continues to be a significant issue facing Oklahoma’s medical community. Since our state Supreme Court overturned the cap on economic damages on which OSMA fought so hard to help establish, we are again faced with the substantial challenge of addressing this significant issue.

  • Scope of Practice remains a major concern to the medical community. Each year we are faced with attempts to diminish our profession by those who wish to practice medicine without a medical degree. This session alone, bills were filed to allow Advanced Practice Nurses, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Psychologists, Pharmacists and Radiological Technicians to creep into the world of diagnosis and treatment without physician supervision. OSMA serves as your guardian against these measures and as the leading champion of the physician-led team.

  • Insurance Reform affects a physician’s everyday practice. From addressing “unforeseen billing” to streamlining the “denied claims appeals process”, the OSMA seeks to address challenges found between the medical profession and the health insurance industry. Effective and efficient methods to serve the needs of the patient are a top priority of the OSMA.