After surveying OSMA’s delegates, our leadership has made the decision to hold the August Board of Trustees and House of Delegates meetings virtually.

Saturday, August 8

Virtual Annual Meeting Schedule
9:00 a.m.         Board of Trustees Meeting
1:00 p.m.    House of Delegates Meeting

HOD Special Called Meeting Agenda

The 2020 OSMA Presidential Inaugural and Awards Banquet will be postponed to a later date. 

**Note: This page will be updated as more info becomes available.**

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is charged with establishing the general policies of the Association. The specific duties of the House of Delegates shall be to: (a) conduct any necessary elections; (b) approve or amend Association Bylaws; (c) initiate policy for consideration by the Board of Trustees;  (d) act on any policy issues and/or resolutions forwarded to it by the Board of Trustees; (e) transact business and/or financial issues referred to it by the Board of Trustees, which shall include approving membership dues;  (f) divide the State into suitable Trustee Districts and re-district when necessary; and (g) convey any Certificates of Accomplishment or approve of any memorials or other honors submitted to it by the Association Board of Trustees or at the request of component societies.

Call for Delegates 

If you are interested in serving as a delegate at the 2020 House of Delegates virtual annual meeting August 8th, please submit your name to the following individuals:

Oklahoma CountyAlison Fink (405) 702-0500
Tulsa CountyMark McElreath (918)743-6184
Rural PhysiciansDonna Bartlett (405) 601-9571, ext. 107

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