The Oklahoma Medical Political Action Committee (OMPAC)  is a voluntary, bi-partisan, unincorporated entity comprised of OSMA members, OSMA Alliance members and OSMA staff interested in supporting political candidates.   OMPAC is an independent and autonomous organization managed by its own Board of Directors, which has authority over all policies and activities of the political action committee and serve without compensation.  The OMPAC Board conducts the business of the committee and meets periodically to consider the contribution of OMPAC funds to candidates for public office who support OSMA’s legislative agenda. 

Through physician and alliance membership in the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC), the bipartisan political action committee of the AMA, critical political support is provided to the AMA's federal legislative agenda.  The goal is to support and elect pro-medicine candidates at the federal level.

AMPAC makes direct contributions to candidates seeking election to the US. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and conducts independent expenditures, surveys, distributes direct mail or produces media in support of a particular federal candidate.  No federal contributions are disbursed to Oklahoma candidates by AMPAC without the recommendation and approval from OMPAC.