OSMA Members, we want to hear from you!

At the 2018 annual meeting, the OSMA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 19, which called for the OSMA Membership Task force to, among other things, “identify the necessary changes to modernize the governance and operations of OSMA by studying other state level organizations that have implemented new governance structures.” OSMA staff and members of the task force began the process of researching this issue. The task force completed its study and then presented.

On August 8, 2020, the House of Delegates heard the findings from the Membership Task Force after studying the issues the past two years surrounding the relevance of our House of Delegates and the possible restructuring of our governance model. A recommendation was not part of the report.

As your Speakers, we want to hear from our members and have chosen an online forum so that your voice is heard. This forum will remain open through the end of January 2021 so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. It is important for us to hear from you, our members.

Julie Strebel Hager, MD, Speaker
Geoffrey Chow, MD, Vice Speaker

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