Share Your Story and Enhance the Medical Profession!

As OSMA embarks on an illustrious Public Relations and Political Advocacy Campaign to better enhance the views and value of the physician and medical profession, WE NEED YOUR HELP! As a member of OSMA, you and your leadership have requested this campaign which will run throughout 2022. We will not be successful without your involvement. Whether it's surgery, patient care or disease research, physicians and health care professionals make an incredible impact in the lives of their fellow Oklahomans.  

Our immediate goal is to collect emotionally compelling stories that highlight the heroic efforts of those who work in science. These stories (which do not have to be related to COVID) will demonstrate how science and medicine can help real people. Whether it’s a story about someone with cancer, serious heart issues or a sick child, we want to hear how science and frontline medical professionals (doctors, nurses, R & D, others) make a difference and save lives. 

You can submit your stories and any additional information you believe will help advance our cause here: If you don’t have personal stories to share, highlight a colleague or someone you’ve heard about.