Legislative Update: January 30, 2019

Legislative Session Begins February 4
– The 57th Oklahoma State Legislature will begin session on Monday, February 4. Because of term limits, those legislators not running for re-election and those not winning re-election, more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the entire Oklahoma State Legislature will have two or fewer years’ experience as a legislator. With 2,800+ pieces of legislation filed, more than 250 bills deal with health or medical related issues. The OSMA Lobby team and Legislative Council have been reviewing those measures to determine their impact on your profession. From Scope of Practice issues to legal reform to health insurance reform, we have a challenging year ahead.

Throughout session, OSMA will provide weekly updates on the status of key legislation. As always, please immediately respond to any of our Calls For Action. OSMA must present a unified and timely voice when critical votes occur. Thank you for being a member of OSMA and understanding you have a team of dedicated professionals representing you!