The following 158 physicians from around Oklahoma sought membership into the Oklahoma State Medical Association. We hope they are as proud to call us their organization as we are to call them our members.

Please join us in welcoming these physicians who have shown even more commitment to Better Health for Oklahoma. Please reach out to them and congratulate. You can find their contact information (top right of this page) under Find a Physician.

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Hassan Abou Houli MD, Tulsa

Jana Adams MD, Cleveland-McClain

Ricardo Aguilar DO, Great Plains

Arielle Allen DO, Oklahoma

Gaynell Anderson MD, Pottawatomie

Gary Augter DO, Pittsburg-Latimer

Jonathan Baldwin MD, East Central

Stephen Barman MD, Tulsa

Arthur Beacham DO, Oklahoma

Brent Beasley MD, Tulsa

Carolyn Berg MD, Tulsa

Judith Blackwell MD, Tulsa

Nathan Blessing MD, Oklahoma

Linda Blunt MD, Pottawatomie

Brian Bluth MD, Custer

John Bowers MD, Oklahoma

Cayci Brickman MD, Blaine

Michael Carnahan MD, Carter-Love-Marshall

Anjula Ceesay DO, Tulsa

Maria Chang MD, Oklahoma

Jeffrey Chasteen DO, Tulsa

Ashton Clayborn DO, Haskell-LeFlore

Edward Co MD, Oklahoma

Ester Cobb MD, Oklahoma

Rickie Conrady MD, Oklahoma

Daniel Constance MD, Great Plains

Richard Cooke MD, Oklahoma

Mitchell Coppedge MD, Grady

Zachary Crislip MD, Tulsa

Lori Crow MD, Pottawatomie

Jeffrey Cunningham MD, Tulsa

Thomas David MD, Custer

Stephanie DeLeon MD, Oklahoma

Justin Dockendorf MD, Rural Physician Section

Sean Dossett DO, Oklahoma

Marianne Dunlap MD, Oklahoma

Monica Durska-Keller MD, Pottawatomie

Noel Emerson DO, Atoka-Bryan-Coal

James Fleming MD, Oklahoma

Manuel Fortes MD, Oklahoma

Raphael Francisco MD, Pottawatomie

Smaranda Galis MD, Cleveland-McClain

Fadi Gebrail MD, Oklahoma

Heather Geis MD, Oklahoma

Charles Gill MD, Oklahoma City

Larissa Giuliano MD, Tulsa

Charito Go MD, Oklahoma

Amanda Gomes MD, Oklahoma

Shyvonne Gray MD, Oklahoma

Raymond Griffith DO, Craig-Ottawa-Delaware

John Grizzle MD, Lincoln

Gerald Hale DO, Tulsa

Jeffrey Halsell DO, Tulsa

Kevin Hargrove MD, Oklahoma

Lisa Hart DO, Tulsa

Fred Hausheer MD, San Antonio, TX

Alan Hawxby MD, Oklahoma

Richard Heigle MD, Oklahoma

Latisha Heinlen MD, Oklahoma

Wallace Heller MD, Jackson

Jerry Hine MD, Garfield-Woods-Major

Jason Hirshburg MD, Oklahoma

Daniel Holdman MD, Washington-Nowata

David Hopkins DO, Oklahoma

Patrick Horn MD, Oklahoma

Ryan Hulver DO, Tulsa

Jamey Iverson MD, Tulsa

Rhett Jackson MD, Oklahoma

Jahannah Jamelarin MD, Carter-Love-Marshall

Johnny Johnson DO, Cleveland-McClain

Robert Johnson MD, Oklahoma

Janet Jones MD, Tulsa

Erick Kaufman MD, Oklahoma

David Kerr DO, Payne-Pawnee-Noble

Robert King MD, Pittsburg-Latimer

Calin Kirk MD, Craig-Ottawa-Delaware

Ty Kirkpatrick DO, Tulsa

Kathryn Klump MD, Oklahoma

Pramodu Koduru MD, Oklahoma

Peter Kowalski MD, Oklahoma

Neel Kumar MD, Tulsa

Craig Kupiec II MD, Oklahoma

Gordon Laird DO, Payne-Pawnee-Noble

Beth Leader DO,Choctaw-Pushmataha

John Leatherman MD, Great Plains

Terry Lee DO, Atoka-Bryan-Coal

James L'Esperance MD, Tulsa

Tara Lynd MD, Oklahoma

Mark Maguire MD, Oklahoma

Mathew Makel MD, Oklahoma

Matthew Malony MD, Cleveland-McClain

Heather Martin MD, Tulsa

Samuel Martin MD, Tulsa

Martin Martucci MD, Tulsa

Clinton Mason MD, Oklahoma

Norman McAlester MD, Pittsburg-Latimer

Elizabeth McCabe MD, Oklahoma

David McKalip MD, Great Plains

Debra Mee MD, Oklahoma

Scott Melson MD, Oklahoma

Sarah Mercer MD, Oklahoma

Kelly Mercer MD, Tulsa

Angela Morgan MD, Oklahoma

Ryan Morgan DO, Oklahoma

Melissa Muhlinghause MD, Oklahoma

Edward Murphy III MD, Oklahoma

Whitney Nall MD, Oklahoma

James Netreba MD, Oklahoma

Cashel Newhouse MD, Tulsa

Rose Ngishu MD, Jackson

A. Nilson DO, Tulsa

Justin North MD, Oklahoma

Kanwal Obhrai MD, Cleveland-McClain

Nathan Overbey MD, Oklahoma

Michael Padilla MD, Cleveland-McClain

Gitanjali Pai MD, Cookson Hills

Jacob Parker MD, Oklahoma

Janelle Pavlis MD, Tulsa

Chad Phillips MD, Tulsa

Kyle Piwonka DO, Tulsa

Scott Prater MD, Oklahoma

John Price MD, Garfield-Woods-Major

Amie Prough MD, Oklahoma

Julia Rivera-Figueroa MD, Jackson

Syed Rizvi MD, Oklahoma

Steven Ross MD, Oklahoma

Elizabeth Saladin MD, Cleveland-McClain

Priya Samant MD, Oklahoma

Steven Sands DO, Oklahoma

Jeff Scott MD, Oklahoma

Kenneth Seres MD, Oklahoma

S. Christopher Shadid MD, Oklahoma

Katherine Shepherd DO, Oklahoma

Joanne Skaggs MD, Oklahoma

Erin Sloan MD, Beckham-Roger Mills

Luis Soto MD, Tulsa

Jeffrey Sparling MD, Oklahoma

Tadgy Stacy MD, Cleveland-McClain

Bruce Stafford DO, Cleveland-McClain

J Stewart MD, Tulsa

Julia Stoltenberg MD, Cleveland-McClain

Terry Styles MD, Tulsa

Jimmie Taylor MD, Oklahoma

Charles Te MD, Oklahoma

Amy Thorne DO, Carter-Love-Marshall

Bryan Van Doren MD, Tulsa

Bryan VanZandt MD, Oklahoma

Beverly Vavricka MD, Oklahoma

Sumit Walia MD, Oklahoma

Clinton Wallis MD, Oklahoma

Harper Ward MD, Oklahoma

Sean Whelan MD, Cleveland-McClain

Robert White MD, Cleveland-McClain

Joe Witten DO, Rural Physician Section

Greggory Woitte MD, Oklahoma

Irim Yasin MD, Oklahoma

Jessica Yocum MD, Oklahoma

Danielle Zelnik MD, Cleveland-McClain