Oklahoma State Medical Association’s Powerful Solution – The MIPS Navigator™              Free to OSMA members

Create a practice-specific MIPS action plan and gain a bonus rather than suffer a penalty!

Every physician and other clinician who is subject to the new Medicare Incentive Payment System (MIPS), will receive a MIPS score reflecting that clinician’s aggregate 2017 performance on Quality, EHR use and Practice Improvement. That MIPS score will, in turn, be translated into an individualized payment adjustment, up or down, to Medicare’s Physician Fee Schedule as it is published two years after the MIPS performance year. For 2019, that payment adjustment ranges from a 4% penalty to a bonus which will depend in size on how many suffer the penalty. By 2022, the maximum penalty will have increased to 9% and your Medicare patients’ costs will also be factored heavily into your score!

Don't settle for cut, or even a Medicare fee freeze!

Obviously, the stakes are high, and only getting higher. Unfortunately, the MIPS rules are profoundly complex, resulting in a mind-numbing set of possibilities that change for each practice. Few practices can decipher the requirements and make a plan for success, even after many hours of study and seminar attendance.

By answering a few questions specific to your practice you receive:

  1. A step-by-step guide on how to maximize your score, avoid any penalty and get the largest possible bonus (upward adjustment to your fee schedule)!
  2. Continued access to the MIPS Navigator FAQs and list serve throughout 2017 with the ongoing ability to update your plan.
  3. The ability to model various MIPS payment adjustments and see what they will mean to your practice in 2019
  4. The information you need to know about Alternative Payment Models (APMs)


To access this fantastic member benefit and increase your potential MIPS bonus or find out how to join OSMA, contact kelton@okmed.org or johnson@okmed.org