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"I'm Sorry." (December 5)
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This presentation is on understanding the issues related to apology laws and their underlying purpose and the impact the apology can have on medical negligence litigation. It will also include the importance of communicating with patients after a medical error occurs and what the main points should include when apologizing to the patient after the error.

Chickasha Grady Memorial Hospital 
2220 W. Iowa Ave., Chickasha, OK 73018 
Dinner 5:30 p.m. – Cafeteria 
Program 6:00 p.m. – Five Oaks Medical Group – Lower Level

OSMA CME Presentations

What  Physicians Need to Know: The Opioid Epidemic and How We Change This (November 16 & 17)
-Oklahoma City, 11/16 at St. Elijah Orthodox Christian Church (15000 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73134
-Tulsa, 11/17 at the Marriott Southern Hills
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Other CME Opportunities

Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System presents:
Keeping Health Care Providers Aware (September 22, 2017)
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Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologists CME Meeting (August 26-27, 2017)
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CME Providers Update

Educators know there's always something new to learn! Oklahoma continuing medical education providers came to OSMA headquarters to learn new CME approaches to count toward Maintenance of Certification and meet commendation criteria. Timothy Holder, M.D., OSMA Accreditation Review Committee chair, led the conference with presentations by Marcia Martin from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Awards were presented to OSMA-accredited CME providers from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and St. Anthony Hospital for outstanding commitment to CME improvement. Through ACCME, OSMA is the state's highest-rated CME source and enjoys being a resource to Oklahoma CME providers.

Timothy Holder, MD and Shirley Dearborn, MD join Marcia Martin and other other CME providers attending the OSMA CME training update.  

In an effort to provide OSMA members ready access to quality Continuing Medical Education CME programs, the OSMA Council on Medical Education accredits Oklahoma institutions/organizations, (i.e., hospitals, medical societies, specialty societies), to designate Category 1 CME hours AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM. These institutions/organizations must follow the Essentials and Standards set down by the ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education). The OSMA Council on Medical Education has the responsibility to see that the Essental Areas are met.

However, some specialty societies and hospital medical staffs require a certain number of CME Category 1 hours on a yearly basis for membership.

435:10-15-1. Continuing medical education
(a) Requirements
Each applicant for re-registration (renewal) of licensure shall certify every three years that he/she has completed the requisite hours of continuing medical education (C.M.E.).
(2) Requisite hours of C.M.E. shall be sixty (60) hours of Category I obtained
during the preceding three (3) years as defined by the American Medical Association/Oklahoma State Medical Association/American Academy of Family Physicians or other certifying         organization recognized by the Board.
(3) Newly licensed physicians will be required to begin reporting three years from the date licensure was granted.
(b) Audit/Verification.
The Board staff will, each year, randomly or for cause select licensees to be audited for verification that C.M.E. requirements have been met.
(2) The Board shall accept as verification:
(A) Current American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award(AMAPRA);
(B) Specialty board certification or recertification that was obtained during the three year reporting period, by an American Board of Medical Specialties(ABMS) specialty board;
(C) Proof of residency or fellowship training during the preceding three years. Fifty (50) hours of CME may be awarded for each completed year of training;(D) Copies of certificates for the Category I education.
(c) Compliance.
Licensees selected for audit must submit verification of meeting the CME requirement.
(2) Failure to submit such records shall constitute an incomplete application and shall result in the application being returned to the licensee and the licensee being unable to practice.
(3) A license obtained through misrepresentation shall result in Board action.

The license applicant will not be expected to submit proof of CME with each application, but rather to sign a statement of completion. A certain proportion of applicants will be audited each year. Failure to produce the proper documentation will be seen as unprofessional conduct subject to Board sanctions.

All physicians should be accumulating the expected hours of credit in order to renew their license in 2000 and beyond.

For questions regarding CME accreditation of Oklahoma institutions/organizations, or general CME questions, please contact Sandy Deeba at (405) 601-9571 or 1-800-522-9452 or by e-mail at