Oklahoma State Department of Health Board Bans Smokable Medical Marijuana Products via Dispensaries

In response to concerns by the medical community (spearheaded by the OSMA) and other health-related advocacy organizations (including the OOA; Oklahoma Hospital Association; Family Physicians; and various health-related advocacy organizations), the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Board this week voted to exclude “smokable” cannabis sold through licensed dispensaries as a method to receive “medical marijuana." The board also voted to require a licensed pharmacist to be in the dispensaries as part of the approval process. All other portions of the DRAFT RULES were approved. The board also felt they did not have the legal authority (as interpreted by their internal counsel) to restrict the number of dispensaries licensed under the OSDH. The Legislature would have to make statutory changes to allow such a restriction. Contact Matt Robison for more information.

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