Happy 2018 National Doctor's Day

As we celebrate the 2018 National Doctor’s Day today, I want to offer words of encouragement to all of the membership and leaders within the medical community of Oklahoma. It continues to be an honor to represent the physicians of Oklahoma this year. Often as physicians we deal with tragedy on a daily basis and the emotional toll is challenging. In spite of this, we see physician’s lead in many areas beyond patient care, all while maintaining dedication to their primary profession. This sometimes with great sacrifice for them and their family.

It is because of your example that I continue to champion that the practice of medicine remains among the noblest callings for any individual, and it is my privilege to work daily with many of the best that Oklahoma has to offer.  The fact that today also marks the beginning of several important religious holidays only provides emphasis that we have much to be grateful for.

To all of our physicians and their families, I want to thank all of you for the sacrifice brought to the citizens of Oklahoma every day.  

Best regards,

Kevin E. Taubman, MD, FACS