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Membership Applications
Physicians in Tulsa County should contact the Tulsa County Medical Society at (918) 743-6184. Physicians in Oklahoma County should contact the Oklahoma County Medical Society at (405) 702-0500. All other physicians join through the OSMA by completing this application. Once the application is processed, the appropriate dues invoice will be provided based on the county location. Click here for county dues. Oklahoma physicians believe there is strength in unity, and unity begins within a physician's own community in the local county society.

Membership Requirements 
Membership in the Oklahoma State Medical Association is open to all physicians holding an M.D. or D.O. degree who are licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma, who reside in Oklahoma, and who are U.S. citizens or have filed a declaration of intent to become a U.S. citizen.

Dues Information 
OSMA dues for regular active members are currently $300 per year and the AMA dues are $420. Each individual county's dues are set by the local county medical society. Dues for residents and fellows are $45 per year for the AMA. Student dues for county, state and national are $20 per year, with a discount if a student joins for multiple years. Click here for county dues.