State Issues

OSMA Top Legislative Victories – 2016 in Review

  • Squelched proposed double-digit cuts to Medicaid providers, keeping it level in a year with a $1.3 billion budget deficit 
  • Passed bill to prohibit Maintenance of Certification requirement for licensure, hospital credentialing or reimbursement
  • Kept Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) funds from being used for purposes other than public health funding
  • Avoided onerous mandate on physicians to provide extreme anti-vaccine informed consent 
  • Kept APNs from being able to practice independently/unsupervised 
  • Stopped effort to make it a felony for a physician to terminate any pregnancy after conception,even to save the life of the mother
  • Thwarted several bills placing new mandates & red tape on physicians

The 56th regular session of the Oklahoma State Legislature convenes February 6, 2017. OSMA will continue to ensure that the “House of Medicine” is at the table when important policy decisions affecting medical practice are discussed.

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