Councils and Committees


Accreditation Review Committee

Timothy Holder, MD, Chair                                     
David S. Russell, MD, Vice-Chair

Audit & Budget Committee

Sherri Baker, MD, Chair

CME Planning Committee

Tomas Owens, MD, Chair
Mukesh Parekh, MD, Vice-Chair

Council on Member Services

Richard Lee Campbell, MD, Chair

Council on State Legislation and Regulation 

Art Rousseau, MD, Chair, Oklahoma City
George Caldwell, MD, Vice-Chair

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Bruce L. Storms, MD, Chair
Philip Mosca, MD, Vice-Chair

Governmental Activities Council

Sherri Baker, MD, Chair
Kevin Taubmann, MD, Vice-Chair

Journal Editorial Board

J. Michael Pontious, MD, Editor-in-Chief

Litigation Support

Open - Chair

Medical Ethics and Competency Committee

John Robinson, MD, Chair

Physicians’ Campaign for a Healthier Oklahoma/
Council on Public and Mental Health

Robert J. Weedn, MD, Chair

 For more information about Councils and Committees, contact the OSMA at 405-601-9571 or