Opioid / Class II Narcotic Pill Limit Measure Becomes Effective November 1!

This new law will limit an initial 7-day prescription of opioids or Class II narcotics for acute pain associated with post-surgery, post-injury or disease. A second 7-day prescription may be written but cannot be filled until after the first prescription expires. Subsequently, if deemed necessary by the physician, prescriptions associated with a pain management plan and three-month “course of treatment” reviews must be established.

However, implementation continues to be a moving target as we are currently waiting for new rules and regulations to be finalized. OSMA is working closely with the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the Attorney General and the Governor’s office to make sure you have answers before November 1st. YOUR MEMBERSHIP MATTERS!

For more information, click here for a Fact Sheet regarding the legislation. Further details will be forthcoming ASAP.